[Pre-Order] Buntan (文旦) / Japanese Pomelo / 3 kg, 5-6 Pieces
[Pre-Order] Buntan (文旦) / Japanese Pomelo / 3 kg, 5-6 Pieces
[Pre-Order] Buntan (文旦) / Japanese Pomelo / 3 kg, 5-6 Pieces
[Pre-Order] Buntan (文旦) / Japanese Pomelo / 3 kg, 5-6 Pieces
[Pre-Order] Buntan (文旦) / Japanese Pomelo / 3 kg, 5-6 Pieces

[Pre-Order] Buntan (文旦) / Japanese Pomelo / 3 kg, 5-6 Pieces

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Buntan (文旦) / Japanese Pomelo

Direct from Ota Wholesale Market in Tokyo

By professional buyer, picking the quality that is most worth for the price this season.

It's a luxurious blend of intense sweetness and refreshing acidity in harmonious rich fruits
Japanese pomelo has astonishing size, radiant with a warm and sun-like hue.
A subtly wafting, distinctively refreshing aroma.
When you bite into one, the small, plump berries burst, filling your mouth with a juicy and succulent sensation.

Quality of Japanese Pomelo

Comes with 5-6 pieces of 3kg Buntan Packages


The Secret of the Deliciousness of Japanese Pomelos

The gentle and delightful flavor of pomelos comes from the sweetness of fructose, a component shared with honey.
You can experience a natural and refined sweetness.
Moreover, the taste varies with the size.
Larger pomelos tend to have a light and refreshing taste, while smaller ones have a more intense flavor, accentuating sweetness and acidity.

It might be interesting to compare and contrast the flavors based on their sizes.
However, it's not just about the delicious taste.
Pomelos are rich in vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin P, as well as minerals. Additionally, they contain components like GABA, auraptene, potassium, among others.

The History of Japanese Pomelo

In Japan, during the Edo period, fruits (seeds) were brought in from the southern regions, leading to the development of unique varieties through natural propagation. Mainly cultivated in Southeast Asia, southern China, Taiwan, and Japan, there are approximately 15 varieties of the citrus fruit known as 'Buntan' currently grown in Japan.
One of these varieties is the 'Tosa Buntan.'
According to records, the original tree of 'Tosa Buntan' was planted at the entrance of the Horticulture Department of the Kochi Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station (now the Fruit Tree Experimental Station of the Agricultural Technology Center) in the fourth year of the Showa era.
Saplings propagated from this original tree were planted in the fields of a farmer in Tosa City in the 18th year of the Showa era. Tosa City is not only the birthplace of 'Tosa Buntan' but also the leading producer of this citrus fruit in Japan.

Collaborating with professional buyers,
Quality Japanese Pomelo are chosen on the day of auction,
and shipped to you.

Our professional buyer (mekiki) will personally choose the quality Japanese Pomelo, suitable for this price and grade for you.

Depending on each season and actual auction day, the Japanese Pomelo you receive can be from any prefecture and brands grown in Japan.

However, you can trust the eyes of the professionals, factoring all conditions to make sure quality, when you receive it, is worth the price.

J Passport's own direct service
from Toyosu and Ota Market.

Enjoy the fruits fresh, directly air-flown from Ota Market, with professional buyers.

This is the start of a new service, using J Passport's direct flight, working with professional market buyers to bring the fresh fruits and quality seafoods, directly from Toyosu and Ota Wholesale Market.

Together with the professional buyers, experience first-hand on the products of the best quality for the price.

Direct auction process from our buyers means that we are able to bring fresh quality fruits direct from Japan to you, saving additional markups, yet enjoying its quality.

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