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Very rich and delicious chocolate cake!
The chocolate was rich and delicious. Not too sweet. The cream was very fresh and light. A wonderful buy!

Yukigamine Milk Melted Chocolate Soft Roll Cake

my 2nd time ordering this Shimanto Unagi, it's so good!
Really smooth, small bones and heats up easily in an oven toaster. i'm so glad they gave extra sauce and those yuzu (?) flakes to sprinkle on top, together with freshly steamed Japanese rice, it made for a really satisfying meal, makes me feel like i'm in japan!

Natural Freshwater Shimanto Unagi (110g)

Smooth and Creamy!
Smooth and Creamy with strong matcha taste. The green bean topping balances the matcha well. My family loves the cake! Downside was just that it was too small. Highly recommended.

Uji Matcha Mont Blanc Cake

Pleasant tasting.
Not unlike soya bean milk. Best when chilled/cold. A little pricey but it does make a good change from soya bean milk which can be too thick.

Amazake Original - 950ml (non-alcoholic, sweet sake)


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