[Pre-Order] Anpo Kaki / Japanese Semi-dried Persimmons / 250g x 2
[Pre-Order] Anpo Kaki / Japanese Semi-dried Persimmons / 250g x 2
[Pre-Order] Anpo Kaki / Japanese Semi-dried Persimmons / 250g x 2

[Pre-Order] Anpo Kaki / Japanese Semi-dried Persimmons / 250g x 2

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Anpo Kaki / Japanese Semi-dried Persimmons

Direct from Ota Wholesale Market in Tokyo

By professional buyer, picking the quality that is most worth for the price this season.

In terms of appearance, Anpo Kaki is characterized by its vibrant matte orange color.
It has a soft and moist texture with a sweet taste.
The persimmons used in Anpo kaki production are known for their low water content and high sugar content, with small and few seeds being ideal.
 Anpo Kaki is a type of dried fruit, but it has a high moisture content of 50%, giving it a juicy, jelly-like texture.

Quality of Semi-dried persimmons

Comes with 2 of 250g Anpo Kaki Packages

How is it Different from Dried Persimmons?

The difference between "Anpo kaki" and "Dried Persimmon" lies in their production processes.

In the drying process, "Dried Persimmon" and "Anpo kaki" differ significantly.
"Dried Persimmon" is dried to a moisture content of approximately 25-30%, whereas "Anpo kaki" is finished with a moisture content of around 50%, retaining a considerable amount of moisture.
This semi-dry state in "Anpo kaki" contributes to its distinctive soft and chewy texture, reminiscent of yokan (a traditional Japanese sweet).

Furthermore, "Dried Persimmon" involves peeling the persimmon's skin and drying it directly, whereas "Anpo kaki" is subjected to sulfur fumigation before drying.
The process of sulfur fumigation was inspired by a technique used in the United States for making dried grapes, and it's what gives "Anpo kaki" its vibrant orange color.
While concerns may arise regarding sulfur, it's important to note that the sulfur content evaporates during the drying process, leaving no residual components behind, making it safe to consume.

History of Anpo Kaki

Anpo kaki" is said to have originated in the present-day Goyosawa area of Yanagawa city Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.
During the Edo period, dried persimmons made by peeling astringent persimmon skins and drying them in the sun were called "天干し柿" (Amaboshi gaki).
This term eventually evolved into "Anpo Kaki" during the Meiji era.

How to Enjoy

(image from https://www.kurashiru.com/recipes/99134e64-713a-4f69-8624-e5743e30012c

Anpo Kaki offers a texture and taste closer to fresh persimmons than dried persimmons, making it versatile for various culinary uses.
You can enjoy it as a tea-time snack by simply pairing it with your favorite beverage. Moreover, it's recommended to cut it into easily manageable pieces and use it as a topping for yogurt, toast, pancakes, and more.
It also pairs well with cream cheese or prosciutto as a delicious appetizer.

Collaborating with professional buyers,
Quality Anpo Kaki are chosen on the day of auction,
and shipped to you.

Our professional buyer (mekiki) will personally choose the quality Anpo Kaki, suitable for this price and grade for you.

Depending on each season and actual auction day, the Anpo Kaki you receive can be from any prefecture and brands grown in Japan.

However, you can trust the eyes of the professionals, factoring all conditions to make sure quality, when you receive it, is worth the price.

J Passport's own direct service
from Toyosu and Ota Market.

Enjoy the fruits fresh, directly air-flown from Ota Market, with professional buyers.

This is the start of a new service, using J Passport's direct flight, working with professional market buyers to bring the fresh fruits and quality seafoods, directly from Toyosu and Ota Wholesale Market.

Together with the professional buyers, experience first-hand on the products of the best quality for the price.

Direct auction process from our buyers means that we are able to bring fresh quality fruits direct from Japan to you, saving additional markups, yet enjoying its quality.

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