[Pre-Order] Fresh Uni Supreme Grade (250g) / バラ
[Pre-Order] Fresh Uni Supreme Grade (250g) / バラ
[Pre-Order] Fresh Uni Supreme Grade (250g) / バラ
[Pre-Order] Fresh Uni Supreme Grade (250g) / バラ

[Pre-Order] Fresh Uni Supreme Grade (250g) / バラ

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Next arrival : 16 Dec, 2023
Next order cut-off date : 11 Dec, 8am
*Our private cargo will arrive TWICE A MONTH to Singapore!

Delivery fees:
$15 for below $200  
 $8 for above $200

Prior to placing your order, please take note the refund policy here for these delicate and fresh products.

Seasonal Fresh, High Quality Uni 
Direct from Toyosu Market in Tokyo

By professional buyer, picking the quality that is most worth for the price this season.

You get the Supreme Grade fresh uni (250g),
with the best possible price, on the day of auction.

Within the market, it's referred to as "Bara" grade, where there might be some variation in arrangement and color, but the quality is impeccable.
Within the same price range, we will compete to bring you the finest one available at Toyosu Market on that day.

How does our Pre-Order Uni works?

This is a pre-order system where we deliver directly from Toyosu, selecting each grade at the best possible price.


One reason for this is that uni is considered a mysterious food because its taste is not related to its color or shape. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary people to judge its quality based on appearance alone. 

While it would be ideal to rely on a buyer who has expertise in judging uni quality, establishing a direct connection with a buyer can also be challenging. As a result, it is extremely difficult for the general public to obtain good quality uni from Toyosu Fish Market. 

However, we can deliver such high-grade uni to your home in Singapore through our exclusive market buyer.


About Uni:
It's a Mysterious seafood

Uni remain a mysterious delicacy that is often reserved for connoisseurs and professionals.
It is typically associated with sushi restaurants.
Similarly, at the Toyosu market, there is limited knowledge among brokers regarding the origins and optimal seasonal flavors of Uni.
We offer carefully selected Uni sourced by experienced buyers who possess comprehensive knowledge of this delicacy.

The Color of Uni does not have much influence on its taste

The color of uni can vary, and it is influenced by factors such as their diet, age, and gender.
Uni are hermaphrodites, starting as females and later transitioning to males as they grow.
The part we consume is called the gonad, which refers to both the ovaries (in females) and testes (in males).
There is little difference in the gonads between males and females, and they are not separated or packed separately.

It is commonly believed that females have lighter colors while males have darker colors, but it is not clear whether this distinction is due to gender or simply the result of aging. Additionally, the color can also be influenced by the type (color) of seaweed in their diet.
Ultimately, the relationship between color and taste is not straightforward and clearly understood.

How Buyers select the best ones?

When it comes to determining the quality of uni at their place of origin, it can be challenging to assess the raw material based solely on appearance.
Identifying uni that have consumed a favorable diet is difficult by external appearance alone, and there is an element of uncertainty that can only be resolved by opening them up.
Furthermore, even after opening them up, it remains challenging to discern the taste based on visual cues, as mentioned earlier.
Therefore, acquiring high-quality uni requires a high level of expertise and discernment. Experienced buyers with a wealth of exposure to numerous uni have developed an AI-like ability to identify indicators of excellent uni quality.

Taste of Uni is determined by their food

The taste differences in uni are influenced by two main factors: their diet and the use of alum.
Uni primarily consume seaweed, with kelp being the preferred type for enhancing their flavor.
Alum is used as an additive to preserve the shape of uni, but it is nearly tasteless despite common beliefs about its bitterness.
While premium-grade uni may contain alum, the association of using alum with a worse taste likely arises from its use in lower-quality or less fresh uni.
In summary, the key factors determining the taste of uni are their diet, particularly the type of seaweed consumed, and the use of alum, which may or may not significantly affect the taste.


Toyosu for seafood, Ota for fruits
Japan's two representative largest markets

Both Ota and Toyosu Market play crucial roles as Japan's major fruit and seafood markets, contributing significantly to the country's food supply.
Located in the heart of Tokyo, both markets enjoy excellent transportation access, making them popular choices for numerous retail businesses and restaurants to source their products.

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