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From Miyazaki prefecture, Japan. Spreading the joy and health benefits of plum to you!
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Taimatsu, a brand from Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.


Introducing Taimatsu from Miyazaki prefecture, Saito city, Kyushu area.

It started with a goal to promote ume (plums). Owning a plum plantation, boss of Taimatsu, Matsuyama-san, wants to promote the benefits of plum to other countries and that is how the brand "Taimatsu" is born!


In Japan, plum is a common ingredient in every household.

Families often have plums with their meals or alcohols. Even though plums are common in Japan, a lot of good quality plum was still discarded as the export rate for plum to oversea is not very common.


Boss of Taimatsu - Matsuyama-san

With Taimatsu, Matsuyama-san aims to be a "ume sommelier" that spread smiles through plum. Not only just umeboshi (pickled plums), but collaboration for new plum based products such as plum wine, plum juice and many more!

Taimatsu brings you

3 different products using plums!

Umeshu (Plum Wine)

One Hundred Years Umeshu

(Specially brewed with aged ripe plums)
What is special about One Hundred Years Umeshu?
This One Hundred Years Umeshu has won the BEST AWARD in Japanโ€™s national Umeshu contest in 2008.

With hope to be loved by people for a long time, that is why the brewery decided to name it as One Hundred Years Umeshu (Hyakunen Umeshu)!
It is a famous brand in Japan and this is their first product to be overseas.

Using special "sweet and sour ripe" plum from Ibaraki prefecture, specially aged for more than 5 years!
This premium quality umeshu uses brandy as their base liquor.
After the traditional filtering method to extract the plum concentrate, it is blended with Mito Kasahara mineral water, high quality brandy and honey!
Having a refreshing sour and sweet flavour
This flavour is especially made by condensing the flesh of sweet and sour ripe plums. The sourness of plum flesh matches well with the sweetness of brandy & honey. It is also ranked 2nd as [The best umeshu ranking to make a toast] in 2013 in Nikkei, Japanโ€™s most popular economic journal media.

For the appearance wise it is cloudy and smells more fruity. The taste of it is more on the plum side compared to other umeshu, a bit sour yet itโ€™s not overwhelmed by the alcohol.
A popular umeshu amongst the ladies!

Beachside Session IPA

Beachside Session IPA

Amaterasu Umeshu

Taimatsu's own Plum Wine
What is Taimatsu's own Plum Wine?
Each base liquor of umeshu is different. In Taimatsu, we source the best alcohol from breweries country-wide to make the best umeshu using different plums!
Amaterasu Umeshu
(Sweet Potato Shochu base)
Premium amaterasu plum found only in Sasaki-san farm.
The only farm in Saito city, Miyazaki prefecture you can get amaterasu plum! It is also a Japanese plum certified by the Japan Ministry of Agriculture!

Amaterasu plum can grows uniformly in size and thickness up to 50mm than usual plum!
Premium sweet potato shochu base
Giving the umeshu taste to be drier, clear and easy to drink yet not so sweet.

Beachside Session IPA

Beachside Session IPA
Plum (Ume) Juices

Ruby Plum Juice (Tsuyuakane)

Taimatsu's own Plum Juice
Taimatsu Juice selections
Using Miyazaki plum and ingredient from Taimatsu farm for its juices.
What is Tsuyuakane?
Itโ€™s a hybrid plum from Japanese Plum and Sumomo (chinese plum). Tsuyuakane is much larger than the normal Japanese Plum, weighing about 70 grams with bright red flesh.
Unlike usual plum juice
That is also why this juice is in a beautiful ruby colour! The colour contributes to its name Ruby Plum Juice!
Newly arrived last November!
Tastes like pink guava, it is more on the sweeter side and less sour. Recommend for people who canโ€™t take sour stuff!

Beachside Session IPA

Beachside Session IPA

Umeboshi Nagomi Ume

Picked Sour Plum with Honey (8% salinity)
Umeboshi - The Queen of Alkaline Food
Umeboshi is a traditional food side dish to go with your meal.

Itโ€™s normally served with steam fish or rice. Japanese tend to eat it in the morning or pack it for traveling such as using it in onigiri or bento.
A plum a day keeps the doctor away!
Plum is alkaline, also known as "the queen of alkaline food", so we recommend eating plum in the morning to boost our energy!

Plum has many good properties, for example, high in anti-oxidant, strengthens digestive systems, relieving tension, fatigue and many more!
Sharing benefits of umeboshi
Taimatsu boss, Matsuyama-san, wants to educate Singaporean the benefits of umeboshi - a simple and alkaline food that helps to boost energy and digestion.

Umeboshi Nagomi uses Kishu nanko plum from Wakayama prefecture, which is famous in Japan for their plum production.
Umeboshi Nagomi Ume
Picked Sour Plum with Honey (8% salinity)
8% salinity level umeboshi this is the traditional umeboshi flavour for Japanese!

Comparing to Umeboshi Koukibai, Nagomi Ume is more salty and sour, which makes it perfect to pair with rice or onigiri, the traditional Japanese way!
Specially created for younger generation!
Nagomi Ume is a newer creation by Taimatsu boss, which infuses honey to suit the younger Japanese audience!

One will note that traditional umeboshi do not have honey in it, so this new creation caters more towards the younger generation~

Beachside Session IPA

Beachside Session IPA

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