[Pre-Order] Pear 梨 / 1.8 kg, 5 pieces / 14玉 5個
[Pre-Order] Pear 梨 / 1.8 kg, 5 pieces / 14玉 5個
[Pre-Order] Pear 梨 / 1.8 kg, 5 pieces / 14玉 5個
[Pre-Order] Pear 梨 / 1.8 kg, 5 pieces / 14玉 5個

[Pre-Order] Pear 梨 / 1.8 kg, 5 pieces / 14玉 5個

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Seasonal high quality Japanese Pear

Direct from Ota Wholesale Market in Tokyo

By professional buyer, picking the quality that is most worth for the price this season.

Quality of Japanese Pear

It is individually wrapped in pieces and well-presented.
Larger size (size 14 / 14玉), with 5 pieces per box.

As opposed to western varieties, Japanese pear is rounded, like an apple. It has pale brown skin, and the flesh is very watery, and crispy. 

The Unique Allure of Japanese Pears

Japanese pear, called ‘nashi’ in Japanese, pears can sometimes be overlooked when compared to the other popular fruits you can find in the country such as grapes, melons and strawberries.

Despite that, they are still as delicious and unique as other pears you can find around the world.

A species of pear formally called the 'pyrus pyrifolia', the Japanese pear has coined the name ‘Asian pear’ due to it originating in this part of the globe. Varying quite drastically to its European counterpart, the Japanese pear is larger and has a rounder shape similar to an apple.

The flesh is slightly coarse with a satisfying crisp with each bite, and as you will quickly find out, it is very juicy.

As they are considered ripe right at the point of harvest from the tree when the skin is still somewhat hard, it is a factor behind its longevity in staying fresh for up to two months if they are refrigerated. 

The Exquisite Taste and Crisp Delight

Japanese pears are globally renowned for their deliciousness and crisp texture.

Japan possesses a climate and soil conditions ideal for pear cultivation, favouring regions with significant temperature variations. As a result, some areas in Japan provide an optimal environment for pear production.

Japanese farmers have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in pear cultivation over the years, enabling them to produce high-quality pears.

Moreover, they strictly adhere to rigorous quality control measures throughout the entire process, from harvesting to shipping.

History of Japanese pears


Having been introduced and cultivated in Japan over 3,000 years ago from China, it was around the Edo period (1603-1867) when it started to rise in popularity.

Although it was initially reserved to high-ranking officials and nobles as a gift, over the years it became more common and widely eaten to the point where it is now one of the most popular fruits you can find in Asia.

Due to its characteristic of having a long shelf life, it is seen as a symbol of long life as well as good health when eaten.

Historically, with its attachment to opulence in the form of gift giving it has also been attached to signs of good wealth. It is because of this that many people in the Edo period planted pear trees at the entrance of their homes to allure good fortune, some of these you can still find today.

Collaborating with professional buyers,
Quality pear are chosen on the day of auction,
and shipped to you.

Our professional buyer (mekiki) will personally choose the quality pear, suitable for this price and grade for you.

Depending on each season and actual auction day, the pear you receive can be from any prefecture and brands grown in Japan.

However, you can trust the eyes of the professionals, factoring all conditions to make sure quality, when you receive it, is worth the price.

J Passport's own direct service
from Toyosu and Ota Market.

Enjoy the fruits fresh, directly air-flown from Ota Market, with professional buyers.

This is the start of a new service, using J Passport's direct flight, working with professional market buyers to bring the fresh fruits and quality seafoods, directly from Toyosu and Ota Wholesale Market.

Together with the professional buyers, experience first-hand on the products of the best quality for the price.

Direct auction process from our buyers means that we are able to bring fresh quality fruits direct from Japan to you, saving additional markups, yet enjoying its quality.

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